Managing Team Culture

Developing culture is one of the areas that I’m committed to growing. Culture isn’t something that develops over night and isn’t something that you share with your people and then they will automatically adopt. I see developing culture as two sides to a coin, the positive and the negative. Craig Groeschel says, “culture is just as much what you allow as what you create.”

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Prayer: Seeking a Balanced Prayer Life (Part 2)

In pursuit of developing a healthier prayer life and cultivating a stronger understanding of God, I have begun researching more on this topic. Currently, I’m reading Timothy Keller’s book on prayer, which has been very clarifying. In the book it outlines two main ways that people have approached prayer: 1. To commune with God, 2. To bring God’s kingdom. People from each perspective have argued their position on prayer for years. In this post we will explore these two prayer approaches. Continue reading

Prayer: Personal Problems With Prayer (Part 1)

Like many people, I take quite some time at the start of the year to reflect on the past year and envision what the next year could look like. One of the key reflections of last year was that my prayer life isn’t what it should be. Perhaps this is where you find yourself, feeling as though you aren’t hitting the mark in this area. We have all heard stories of these people who have powerful encounters with God in prayer and while it encourages, often it can feel like you have missed out. In the following blog posts we will be exploring prayer and its various facets. To begin with I want to share some of my own personal problems with Prayer:

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28/10 The Weekly Best

10 Poisons That I’ll Kill Any Church –  “I read recently that thousands of churches close their doors every year. Who knows how many others are on life support? We live in a time when churches need revitalization and renewal.”
What I Wish I Had Understood About Sexting – Those pictures never go away.
Become A Better Preacher – “What separates ordinary preachers from extraordinary communicators is a relentless desire to improve.
3 Kinds of Selfies You Should Never Take – “Here are 3 Selfie Scenarios that might look awesome on Facebook, but are dis-empowering, dignity-stripping or dangerous for local people.”
12 Leadership Principles Of Jesus – This article articulates some very important principles for us to follow.
How To Lead 48,000 People To Jesus – “Under the leadership of Rick Warren, Saddleback Church has baptized 48,700 people. Equally impressive: 78 percent of the church came to Christ at Saddleback.”
20 College Majors That Lead To The Most Satisfying Careers – Any guesses where ministry ranks??
5 Reasons Why Today’s Students Are Different Than Those Before – It is always good to read the Fuller Youth Institute discoveries.

3 Good Questions To Ask When You Are Angry

Anger is a powerful emotion that be both motivating and destructive. A good definition of anger that I have heard recently is, “A passionate emotional response of displeasure.” I like this definition for two reasons. Firstly, it alludes to the fact that being angry doesn’t mean you are a evil, wicked or sinful person. Secondly, it is good to be passionate, emotions are God given, and there are definitely things in this world that we shouldn’t be pleased about. The question of anger is not one of how to get rid of it completely but to channel it for good.

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21/10 The Weekly Best

30 Rules for the Hillsong Australia Preaching & Teaching Team – Some really wise points that preachers should take note of!
Pamela Anderson on Porn – ‘I’ve Been the Product of This and Treated Like an Object’.
The missing elements of modern worship – It is strange to think that many modern churches in an attempt to be contemporary do away with the key elements of christian worship.
Learn The Facts: Debunking The Biggest Nutrition & Training Misconceptions in the Fitness Industry – “Depending on what you read and whom you listen to, getting your eating right for fat loss can become a real pain as you struggle and stress over what to eat, when to eat it, and how much you need. To answer all of the above and more, we need to look at the underlying principle of nutrition.”
I’m Not Busy! – “I’m so busy. You’re so busy. We’re all so busy—so busy that we can’t possibly fit one more thing into our schedules, or one more relationship into our lives.”
7 Warning Signs of Affairs for Pastors – ‘The conversation is always sad, always tragic. And do you know what the most common theme I’ve heard in all of these conversations is? “I never thought this would happen to me.”’
Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident (1.3min) – Big white! It is pretty miraculous how this guy survives if you ask me.
Read Scripture Series: Job, The Bible Project (11mins) – These guys are always delivering great overview of biblical books!
Season 7, Episode 7: 6 Strategies to Become a Better Conversationalist, Michael Hyatt (47mins) – Learning how to have better conversations is crucial to leadership, friendships and relationships!

14/10 The Weekly Best

You Don’t Need More Parenting Advice – 14 key principles for parenting.
10 Disciplines of A Godly Man – “Matt Chandler once said, “We’ve got a lot of boys with beards these days,” and I believe these words speak powerful truth.”

4 Reasons Spurgeon Died Poor – “Charles Spurgeon could have been one of the richest millionaires in London.”

Positive Purity – God’s command to purity is primarily positive not negative.
How To Help Your Children Fall Deeper In Love With God–  “I believe that there are three things that can bring discipleship back into the home and make it a reality once again.”
Why I’m A ‘Killer Clown” – The clown community is in uproar!
Did you use Growth Strategies? – this is GOOD STUFF!! John Piper has so much wisdom!

“Without Jesus”: Shane & Shane (3mins) – Without Jesus you have nothing, you can do good things but what have you gained at the end of the day.