The Weekly Best is a project to put good articles in your hands each week that would encourage and support others personal growth. Each week I’ll share my favourite articles and podcasts that have helped shape my understanding of God, myself and the world.

Christian Articles:

Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church -When there are many opinions about many churches circulating online Jones gives a helpful inside to this movement that is Bethel Church.

The least attended Church gathering – Shares the importance of prayer meetings.

A Prostitute’s Open Letter – This was a challenging read that sheds light on the inner workings of a prostitutes mind. This article has the power to open men’s minds forever on how women want to and don’t want to be treated in a porn saturated world.

Francis’ New Prostitution Laws – These laws have been pretty effective in reducing prostitution and therefore sex trafficking.

10 Principles for Productivity – I found this helpful to put productivity in perspective and give practical tips on achieving more.

Leadership Articles:

9 Entrepreneur Habits That Lead to Long-Term Success – No matter what your goal is, we all need healthy mechanisms to achieve our goals and vision.
9 RESEARCH-BACKED WAYS TO SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY – Some practical advice when you’re stuck for ideas.



10 Top Productivity Hacks: Michael Hytt – Once again some helpful strategies on how to get more done.

The Six Types of Leaders, Pt. 1&2: Craig Groeschel Podcast – These Podcasts have been extremely helpful for some food for thought.