Once again hope you enjoy this week’s articles. Particularly good was the Barbie challenges the “white saviour complex” and the Our bodies are important to God articles.

Christian Articles:
On Choosing a Religion – two things stood out: 1. The majority choose a religion like we get German measles, 2. People who say all religions are the same are those most ignorant.
9 Things you should Know about Jehovahs Witnesses – my friend is a JW and I always found it difficult to understand his position on God, church and salvation.
4 Step Process to become world class at anything – there is nothing world shattering about this article but it lays out some behaviors that must be present to build competency.
7 ways to cultivate spiritual curiosity – some good advice on how to empower young people in their faith journey.
Steph Curry’s Joy in Adversity – I love this guy. I’ve been following him for awhile now and he seems pretty legit to me! And what a basketball freak!!!
Be Denominational – “Denominational distinctives represent how various individuals, reformers, and puritans honestly grappled with scripture, and tried to articulate the¬†whole¬†counsel of God.”
Barbie challenges ‘the white savior complex’ – pretty thought provoking for short term missions teams and what we actually think we are doing overseas.
The modern man and his fantasy land – spot on, guys beware.
Our Bodies Are Important To God – “God designed our bodies to work within a certain framework, and we can respond to that in one of two ways: (1) negligence or (2) worship.”
Developing Habits: Micheal Hytt – has some great insight on how to live a more pro-active rather than re-active life.
Louis Markos: The Eric Metaxis show – expands our view on how God reveals himself.
[RISE] Campagne: Timothy Keller Podcast – There are some pretty powerful messages in this sermons series, particularly the sermon on Counter-Culture for the Common Good.