This weeks best is primarily a leadership week. I have buried my head in the leadership world as I’ve been looking for solutions to my personal inadequacies and my ministries blind spots.
College kids say the darnedest things: On Identity – it shouldn’t be this has to tell someone who they are not.
6 Game Changers For Small Group Leaders – worthwhile reading this if you lead any small group of people not just youth or students.
For Delegation To Work It Has To Come With Coaching – this article outlines healthy ways to delegate responsibility and gives insight on who you should delegate to.
How Can I Stop Being Average – an interesting on how no one is average and risk will lead to excellence despite failure. The article also contains numbers links for further content on mediocre.
What Is Deliberate Practice? – something that is important for any person to read if they truely want to improve themselves.
The Buffet Formula How To Get Smarter – read and do the right thing!
A secret way to kick start your Theological Library – getting your act together on creating a FREE theological library.
Lessons from Church History: Discipleship & Church Planting – “Instead, I’m convinced that nobody discipled me because no one had discipled the men I looked to for spiritual leadership.”
Religious liberty and Bathroom Bills – Phil Vischer Podcast – a social commentary on the current issues of our day from a christian perspective.
Deborah Hathaway: 5 Minute Church History – Short quality podcast on christians throughout history.