As I reflect on this weeks articles I am confronted to pursue my work with a greater intensity for God’s fame.
Hope Not Death: Euthenasia is no Response to Sexual Abuse – the beauty of this article is that redemption is possible and that you can change.
Derelict Christian Leadership Churches Missing in Action – while his tone can be harsh and black and white at times,  muehlenberg writes compellingly about Christians using their voice in society to protect the weak and vulnerable.
Comparison is The Thief of Contentment – maybe learning to be content is one important thing we need to teach the next generation.
Pitfalls for Preachers to Avoid – such a quality list of 7 pitfalls to avoid.
American Christians don’t find bible reading and church attendance essential – my bet is that if this is the case in the States it is also true in Australia.
4 Ways to Make Disciples – Short, sharp and solid article on the basic components of discipleship.
Church revitalisation vs. Church Planting: New Churches Q&A (14mins) – Outlines some of the character traits for the leaders that would perform one of these to tasks.