Seven practical ways we can improve our preaching – Kevin DeYoung gives his 7 tips on preaching.
3 Church Methods that need to change – It is about time that the church did some serious work around what is essential and what is secondary.
School Staff Are Sending Students to Chaplains – This is encouraging and also concerning that the government doesn’t recognise such a role is schools as important.
‘Stranger danger’ isn’t effective, try ‘tricky people’ idea instead – “If someone wants to harm a child they are not going to appear scary, they’re going to be charming, have an enticing offer, and seem friendly.”
For mums – Some good questions to ask other women no matter what stage of parenting you are in.
Shallow Small Groups – want to shipwreck your small groups??
Reframing Problems and Getting Honest – Bernard Roth, Stanford University – (excuse the language) Roth gives a fresh perspective on over coming challenges.