Hillsong United Introduces Controversial New Fifth Chord – Just think it could mix up the game forever! Christian satire…
The Most Famous Mouth Piece – “I know where my talents come from,” [Stephen] Curry said. “I know my purpose, why I’m in the league, and why I’ve been given the platform: to shine his light out there on the floor and hopefully inspire people.”
Holy Spirit, Prayer and Preaching – “I have a growing conviction, and it is this: The great need of the church today is for a fresh and long-lasting work of the Holy Spirit.”
Why The Leadership Movement Is Leaving Your Church Leaderless – “In truth, there are often only a few leaders in the average church, and everyone else is simply executing their vision.”
4 Ways To Reach A Childs Heart – Read, Pray, Work, Play…
Trends in Contempory Christian Music – I find it very interesting how much things have changed in a short period of time.
Aussie Slang: Top words, phrases and sayings – I’ll have to admit I use quite a lot of these, however I learnt some new ones in this article.
Is Sitting Bad For You? (5mins) – this video actually is very interesting as it reinforces the Christian view that we are created to work, move and be active.
A Ted Talk parody – This is actually hilarious and so accurate about what a Ted talk is like!
Sermon on Transgender and Intersex (35mins) – Andrew Wilson gives a helpful perspective on the rising discussion of transgenderism.