Christians face more terrorism and less government hostility – An interesting article comparing the persecution of Christians with other main religions.
Is Your Worship Service Upside Down? “If your church orients its weekend gathering around ‘reaching seekers,’ it’s quite possible it has adopted some of the working assumptions outlined below, programmatic arrangements that I want to argue actually turn the biblical shape of evangelism and mission upside down.”
Goat Man and Badger Man: Should Humans Live As Animals? “You’re acting like an animal!” For most people, that statement is a terrible putdown. For two men recently profiled in The New Yorker, it would be the greatest of compliments.
Being a Gospel Witness – Tim Keller and John Inazu have some great insights to share.
Don’t waste your life doing youth ministry – It’s so important that we go deeper with young people and engage them in prayer and the word of God.
Austin Stone Community Church (10mins) – Here is one way to be the church, I think this video is really refreshing.
The Moral Argument for God (5mins) – This short clip clearly lays out the reasons that the atheistic view cannot say there is a moral right and wrong.