An open letter to a gay Christian – a civil and interesting letter that asks good questions to the LGBT community.
3 things Pastors Do – Simple quick and basic!
“In reality, pornography is deeply involved in the exploitation of women and children and is destructive to its consumers.”
The Silent Marriage Killer – “In almost a decade of counseling, I’ve seen very few marriages that aren’t hampered by shame on some level. It’s just not often the first thing that’s identified, but it underlies so many other common struggles, especially communication and sex.”
What if political parties ran BBQs (1.5mins) – funny take on the Australian political landscape.
#149 Leading The Next Generation: EntreLeadership Podcast (58mins) – How do you lead a generation of team members who work under a totally new set of rules? Leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore joins us to share his research and advice on leading Millennials, who now make up a full one-third of our workforce.
Lessons from 20 years of ministry at North Point Church: Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast (2 parts, total 40mins) – In this month’s podcast, Andy explores the best, most effective leadership principles learned in the first 20 years of the organization.
Creating High-performance Teams Part 1: Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast (25mins) – “If you don’t know why something is working, when it breaks you won’t know how to fix it.”
Institutionalising Urgency Part 1-2: Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast (40mins total) – “In many organizations, urgency is not the default mode, complacency is. Groeschel discusses 4 ways to declare war on complacency.”