I sit here frustrated. Often times I feel all my hard work results in no outcomes. Do you ever feel stuck? Like you keep bashing into the same problems, thought patterns and issues. I’m sitting in my lounge room thinking that I have been bumping my head against the same wall for years. Maybe you have felt this way before also. We all live with problems and our problems always create road blocks. Unless we have new ways of dealing with our blockages, we will continue living in frustration. In his lecture Bernard Roth spoke about ‘reframing problems and getting honest.’

Here is how he suggests to go about this:
  1. What is the problem?
  2. What will the solution to this problem do for you?
  3. How else could you achieve this outcome?
Here is a working example:
  1. The problem is that I’m not getting to the gym in the morning.
  2. If the solution is fixed I would grow physically and become more mentally healthy.
  3. I could not go to the gym but use another form of fitness, I could go to the gym at night, I could amp up other methods to become more mentally healthy.
There I have just listed some easy changes for something that I have been struggling with for a year. I’ll still get a good outcome, and I will get forward movement, however it is reframing the problem and getting to the core of that which I’m trying to achieve.