A church with small groups vs. a church of small groups – “with” and “of” may be a small distinction but it has major consequences for how a church functions.
Failing Pastors – A great list of measures we must consider if we want to see ourselves in ministry for the long term.
Two Guys Fall Off A Cliff Playing Pokemon Go – All I have to say is… Such rookies…
What Teens Really Want To Know About Sex – The concept of this article is really smart. By providing an opportunity for teens to ask questions in a non-judgemental environment helps develop healthy attitudes towards sex and intimacy.
Preventing Teenage ‘faith drift’ “According to multiple studies, 40 to 50 percent of youth group seniors—like the young people in your church—drift from God and the faith community after they graduate from high school.”
Your Most Defining Decade – “8 out of 10 of your most defining memories will take place while you are in your 20’s”
Churches are Drifting To Far – churches are in danger of becoming irrelevant and unhelpful in society.
The Dangerous Divide Between Theology and Practicality “The way we do ministry has to be driven by what we believe about the gospel and about theology. But if all we care about is theology and not how we might best apply theology in the world then we’re not taking seriously the gospel and theology.”
Unless you’re Oprah, “Just Be Yourself” is Terrible Advice – Adam Grant provides some really helpful distinctions to the table when it comes to authenticity.
Please Don’t Be Intolerant – this web comic sums up the basic trend of western thought towards Christianity.
3 Stunning Truths about Christianity and  The (Secular) West – “Because Christianity is radically different to Islam, it has a different effect on individuals and societies. Just look at the western world.”
The Deep Problem with NARALs Latest Propaganda Video – Here is a video with a short article discussing some pretty horrible stuff regarding human life in a “comedic” way…
Matt Chandler Challenges Men“Husbands who once would have been ashamed that their wives are the primary providers for their home now feel the freedom to hang out at coffee shops and watch TV with their buddies, be addicted to video games, and, sometimes, internet pornography. Too much free time is unhealthy. As Matt Chandler says, “A bored man is a dangerous man.””
Episode 77: Engaging The Millennial Generation, New Churches Q&A Podcast (14mins) – These guys outline some of the major changes in culture and what to do about it.
Episode 221: God Wants to Heal Our Sexual Brokenness, 7 Minute Seminary Podcast (8mins) – If you want a quick answer to a massive topic, this is a good starter.
Embracing Change, part 1, Craig Groeschel Podcast (23mins) – “People won’t know how good the “new”is until they let go of the“old.”As leaders, we embrace change as part of who we are.”