For the last 6 years I have been consuming content in numerous ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. With a click of a button we have the ability to transform our immediate surroundings into virtual classrooms. In fact the majority of my learning has been done standing up or ‘in transit’. The goal for this website is to provide a range of tools that will enable people access to world class, high quality content that will, by the grace of God, increase effectiveness.
Here are some ways that I have utilised technology in the pursuit of spiritual growth:

  1. Podcasts – This by far is the primary way I consume information. I love listening to anything of high quality that will help me break roadblocks and succeed.
  2. iTunes U – I use this to get university quality lectures on a range of different fields of study.
  3. Digital Bibles – I love my hard copy bible. I read from that primarily. However, I regularly use digital bibles to share bible verses with friends, copy for sermons, or use for my journaling purposes.
  4. eBooks – When you travel a lot, have a young family and have a degree to complete, eBooks are just the best. I have a full library at my fingertips that I can use any time anywhere. eBooks are also incredibly useful for finding information fast. You can type in a word in the search bar in Kindle and it will immediately compile a list of that word in chronological order.
  5. Audio Books – I admit that this isn’t something I have used a lot of, but for the times that I have ‘read’ a book audibly it is worth it. Listening to books are a way that you can fill your mind with content on the run, in the ‘cracks’ of life and not waste time day dreaming (a practice I’m prone to).
  6. YouTube Channels – I have subscribed to a number of channels that constantly deliver great material in short snippets. Videos are good for various ministry opportunities and small groups with young people.
  7. Facebook – I love Facebook, haters gonna hate, but me… I think Facebook is a real gift! For me Facebook actually functions as a 24/7 news feed. I get world news, christian news, family news, news from friends and cat videos all in one spot. Facebook collates everything that I am interested in into one place so that I don’t have to go searching too far for quality information. In addition Facebook provides a forum to dialogue with friends about theology, current issues and culture.
  8. Apps – In my past life I was named “The App Man”, a title I’m semi-proud of. This things are incredible. To name a couple that I have found helpful:
    • Feedly, compiles all the websites blogs and latest articles into one feed. Truly awesome.
    • Evernote, gives you access to all your notes anywhere on any device.
    • Over, enables you to create high quality picture graphics that look great.
Three final comments about using technology:
  1. We are different – what works for me may not work for you. Just because I have described all these tools doesn’t mean that you should prescribe to them all. Try some, forget some and love some.
  2. We have weaknesses – if the way I use technology would be harmful for you don’t follow me. For some people technology has been really harmful and you need space from it. Do that.
  3. We go through seasons – I don’t always consume 10 hours of content a week, but currently my situation allows me to do that. Use it when you can, different stages in your life require different commitments.