Will Evangelicals Stop Using Video Games as A Scapegoat For Their Inability To Disciple Millenials? – “Is it sad when a Millennial man finds his life’s purpose in video games? Sure. But let’s stop pretending that’s more pathetic than a 50-year-old man who finds life’s purpose in his work.”
10 Things Pastors Would Love To Hear From Their Church Members – From my experience these some it up for me.
Emotions Are language – “Figuring out the message in someone’s emotions may take time and commitment, but it is a great work of love and leads us in that process of knowing and being known, which is a key feature of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
If pedophilia is a sexual orientation, now what? – Our societies understanding of life isn’t just fraying at the edges, it is completely warped. The christian understanding of the world, lives purpose and human identity is becoming increasingly offensive.
Roger Scruton – The Tyranny of Pop Music (9mins) – He gives a history on music and some modern problems. Then  Scruton offers some solutions on how modern generations can truly enjoy music.