RUOK? What To DO When Someone Says ‘No’ – A very simple and practical article outlining some helpful steps in dealing with people who aren’t in a good mental space.
6 Benefits Of Ordinary Daily Devotions – I have from time to time become deflated when my time with God wasn’t as moving as I had hoped.
Growing Old Or Growing Young? – Outlines 10 Myths of Church-based Ministry to younger people.
The Beginners Guide To Conflict Resolution – If you are looking for a good place to start, here are some helpful ideas to grab onto.
12 Myths About Calvinism – I just found this a helpfully clear article outlining some of the misconceptions around the theological position that is Calvinism.
Episode 10: Sex, Gender, and Frogs: An Interview with Patricia Weerakoon (1hr), Thinking Aloud A ToGCast – On the podcasts was a Sexologist who defines and clarifies all things relating to sexuality, gender and how the brain works.
Episode 382: Break Through Your Leadership Barriers // Craig Groeschel (45mins) – Anything Groeschel has to say I find very helpful, practical and relevant in the leadership context we find ourselves in.