It has been my experience that we either focus to much on this topic or try ignore it all together. There are thousands of things to be said on the topic of sexual purity and the pursuit of God however here are 15 statements that I have found to be true on the topic of sexual purity:

  1. Purity begins in prayer.
  2. Purity begins with the Holy Spirit’s work.
  3. Purity begins with a change of heart.
  4. Purity begins on the inside.
  5. Purity is liberating and extremely freeing.
  6. Purity is more about pursuing God than fleeing sin.
  7. Purity is a safe guard for your future.
  8. Purity is a battle of your mind.
  9. Purity isn’t just abstaining from sex.
  10. Purity isn’t just living a moral life.
  11. Purity isn’t just not looking at porn.
  12. Purity isn’t just avoiding temptation.
  13. Purity finishes with the enjoyment of God.
  14. Purity finishes with the enjoyment of marital sex.
  15. Purity finishes with respecting human life and healthy relationships.

Purity is so much more than these things, but it is a noble thing to pursue by God’s grace, in God’s power and for God’s glory.