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The Website

This website is an effort to serve people wherever they are in the life that they lead. My hope is that you would have access to good quality content and resources that would see you grow in whatever life season you are in. Then, as a result of your growth, others would grow around you. I have stumbled upon some great resources throughout the years and want to share them with you. The Tools page is a list of resources ranging from books to podcasts. In addition to shared content, I also plan on writing blogs and videos that would help you on your journey.

The Guy

Hi, I’m Tim Wood. The key to understanding me is to know about the key relationships that I have. From 17 years old I became obsessed with Jesus, his life, ministry and grace towards me. At 21 I married Kelsey after dating her for roughly 4 years. More recently at 25, Kels and I had a baby, Judah Boy.Wood Family

I began youth leadership when I was 18 yrs old. After High School I went to Germany and did a Discipleship Training School with YWAM. At 20 spent a year as a Youth Intern which lead into a part-time youth worker position. When I was 22 the youth pastor of our church left and I was able to take his position as the youth pastor till now.

In addition to youth ministry I have been involved with Schoolies Revolution as a coordinator from 2012 . Schoolies Revolution has provided an opportunity for travel to Uganda, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. I particularly love this project as it gives the opportunity to engage with Australian youth primarily from around Victoria.




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