Prayer: Seeking a Balanced Prayer Life (Part 2)

In pursuit of developing a healthier prayer life and cultivating a stronger understanding of God, I have begun researching more on this topic. Currently, I’m reading Timothy Keller’s book on prayer, which has been very clarifying. In the book it outlines two main ways that people have approached prayer: 1. To commune with God, 2. To bring God’s kingdom. People from each perspective have argued their position on prayer for years. In this post we will explore these two prayer approaches. Continue reading


Prayer: Personal Problems With Prayer (Part 1)

Like many people, I take quite some time at the start of the year to reflect on the past year and envision what the next year could look like. One of the key reflections of last year was that my prayer life isn’t what it should be. Perhaps this is where you find yourself, feeling as though you aren’t hitting the mark in this area. We have all heard stories of these people who have powerful encounters with God in prayer and while it encourages, often it can feel like you have missed out. In the following blog posts we will be exploring prayer and its various facets. To begin with I want to share some of my own personal problems with Prayer:

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The Biggest Sin You Might Have Forgotten All About (Well I Did)

I guess the saying is true, “pride is like bad breath, you’re the last one to know when you have it.” Just recently I was talking with a guy who I’m going to be working with next year and after talking with him for a while I asked, ‘what do you think about me and the future of working together?’ To which he said something like, ‘I’m trying to figure out if you are teachable, if you are humble.’ This struck me to the core, and I began thinking about what we had talked about and how I had communicated to this guy. I began to realise the deeper I looked into myself the more pride I found!!

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3 Good Questions To Ask When You Are Angry

Anger is a powerful emotion that be both motivating and destructive. A good definition of anger that I have heard recently is, “A passionate emotional response of displeasure.” I like this definition for two reasons. Firstly, it alludes to the fact that being angry doesn’t mean you are a evil, wicked or sinful person. Secondly, it is good to be passionate, emotions are God given, and there are definitely things in this world that we shouldn’t be pleased about. The question of anger is not one of how to get rid of it completely but to channel it for good.

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3 Ways In Advancing The Gospel

Seriously, aren’t our inclinations as people more like cats, than sheep as the bible describes. I mean I love cats, I’m actually a cat guy. However, when it comes to leading a heard of cats one has no hope. They are all fiercely independent, extremely territorial and ridiculously stubborn. All of these characteristics fight against their ability to unify with one goal and love each other deeply. Sheep on the other hand are quite dependant, supportive of each other and don’t mind sharing territory.

In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he commends the church for their “partnership in the gospel”. Gospel partnership for Paul is more than church attendance, being on a church roster or coming to a church picnic. While some of these things take the form of gospel-like partnership they fall short on many levels.

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