Are You An Anxious Person?

Maybe, like me, you would never have called yourself an anxious person, however lately you find yourself tight chested at times. Maybe you have always had an inclination towards anxiety. Alternatively, you may have a friend who is quite anxious and your not exactly sure how to cope with them. Here are a few things that I’ve learnt about anxiety: Continue reading


7/10 The Weekly Best

Every Click Counts: What You Should Know About The Internet – There is no such thing as private online use. Every site that you click on, watch and dwell in is counted. Where do you spend your time online?
China Launches ‘RELIGIOUS WINTER’ In Bid To Destroy Christianity – Jesus is Lord over all, however persecution is seemingly increasing.
No Cremation – Should I Gift My Body To Science? – “Burning bodies does not have a biblical association that we want to call to mind when a loved one has died. That is one of my big concerns. And burying has healing and redemptive associations such as the sowing of a seed that will sprout and come to glorious flower at the resurrection.”
‘Mentoring And Leadership Coaching’ Are Not The Same – “What’s more, when development programs combine or mis-label the two, leaders miss out. So, what’s the difference, and why should we care?”
7 APPS To Help You Build New Habits And Reach New Goals – “This is a high-level flyover. I wanted to share my notes and give you a sense of what is available, so you can get started now. Here are seven of the most popular.”
What Andy Stanley Has Forgotten – This article comes in the wake of the recent controversy of the bibles role in coming to faith.
Faithful Preaching Is Forgetful Preaching – While this is a pastor talking about preaching, you can read this and think about whatever it is you do and apply it just the same.
Where Did Satan Come From? – Mike does a great job not over speculating while still providing some answers.
A Conversation With Tim Keller On Gospel Movements: Timothy Keller Sermons (30mins) – This is a special conversation with Tim Keller on gospel movement and where we find ourselves today.

30/9 The Weekly Best

Where Did All These Calvinists Come From? – The contemporary resurgence of Calvinism is a phenomenon many celebrate, many lament, but none can deny. May Christ grant us grace to press forward in a hostile world with truth, humility, unity, and love.
Some Thoughts On The Recent Exit of Two Mega Church Pastors – “I offer these few thoughts with the sincere hope this makes all of us a little better in the church. I also offer it out of a deep love and respect for Perry, Pete and all of you in church leadership.”
Justin Bieber Play ‘I Could Sing of Your Love Forever’ on the Purpose Tour – It is interesting watching pop stars integrate faith and fame, good on you Bieber for giving it a shot.
Info Graphic On The History Of Bible Software – It’s interesting to see when each software was released.
Sexist Pig Opens The Door For A Woman – These comics do give a glimpse of truth into the strange things people believe.
How An Affair Really Begins – it is a slippery slope people.

23/9 The Weekly Best

RUOK? What To DO When Someone Says ‘No’ – A very simple and practical article outlining some helpful steps in dealing with people who aren’t in a good mental space.
6 Benefits Of Ordinary Daily Devotions – I have from time to time become deflated when my time with God wasn’t as moving as I had hoped.
Growing Old Or Growing Young? – Outlines 10 Myths of Church-based Ministry to younger people.
The Beginners Guide To Conflict Resolution – If you are looking for a good place to start, here are some helpful ideas to grab onto.
12 Myths About Calvinism – I just found this a helpfully clear article outlining some of the misconceptions around the theological position that is Calvinism.
Episode 10: Sex, Gender, and Frogs: An Interview with Patricia Weerakoon (1hr), Thinking Aloud A ToGCast – On the podcasts was a Sexologist who defines and clarifies all things relating to sexuality, gender and how the brain works.
Episode 382: Break Through Your Leadership Barriers // Craig Groeschel (45mins) – Anything Groeschel has to say I find very helpful, practical and relevant in the leadership context we find ourselves in.

16/9 The Weekly Best

3 Things That Churches Love That Kill Outreach – “But some things that churches love hurt their mission and hinder their call. Here are three I’ve observed from my work with thousands of churches.”
Research: Mega Churches – Some interesting stats.
What Is Minimalism? – As we consider packing up our house, this is on the for front of our mind.
3 Essentials For Leadership Development – “Authors Eric Geiger (author of bestselling Simple Church and Creature of the Word) and Kevin Peck argue that churches that consistently produce leaders have a strong conviction to develop leaders, a healthy culture for leadership development, and helpful constructs to systematically and intentionally build leaders.”
Dadvice series from Beyond Blue (1min) – here is a link to the first episode trailer. Young dads get around it!
Developing a Leadership Pipeline, Vandercast Podcast (30mins) – This is just a solid podcast that is helpful when thinking about the future of your church and leadership.
Episode 381: Simplifying Your Life, Catalyst Podcast (47mins) – This is one of those podcasts that everyone needs to listen to as it targets a key issue of our culture, busyness.

11 Ministry Mind-shifts for Church Leaders, from ‘The Trellis And The Vine’

After reading the first two chapters of ‘The Trellis And The Vine’ by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, I was inspired to share some of their insights for church leaders and the mind-shifts that are much needed in many churches around the world. If you are a leader in any context these are some helpful insights for you.

Continue reading

9/9 The Weekly Best

6 Ways To Prepare Sermons Like Charles Spurgeon – “His sermons had broad appeal. He spoke in the language of the working-class and packed his sermons with colorful imagery, sharp wit, and illustrations taken from ordinary life.”
Evangelism Without An Alter Call – Menikof provides an interesting perspective on alter calls, and some good points why he doesn’t do them in his church.
6 Reasons We Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Word Variations In Our Modern Translations – “I want to suggest that the variations in wording in our standard modern translations should not concern us greatly.” – Guthrie
Driscoll and his legal battles – Driscoll’s ministry at Mars Hill was deeply impacting for me and it’s said to see the fall out.
Jokes About The New Apple ‘Airpods’ – I didn’t see this coming… Haha
5 Distinctives On Biblical Leadership – “The business sector in particular is celebrated as the ultimate source of truth about leadership—as opposed to God’s Word.”
You Can’t Claim A Promise – ” To claim something is to take ownership, to say “it’s mine.” When we lay claim to property we gain certain rights and privileges. Litigants are awarded claims or denied them, claims of monetary value.  Promises don’t work like that.”
Episode 62: Dumping, Delegating, or Developing – New Churches Q&A Podcast (16mins) – Some timely truth here.