2/9 The Weekly Best

9 Things That Worked In The Church A Decade Ago But Don’t Work Now – “Here are nine things that used to work in ministry a decade ago that aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be.”
20 Tips To Improve Your Productivity – I really enjoy these type of articles because making a difference in this world happens intentionally and wisely.
20 Biography Recommendations – For those who want to be inspired and need somewhere to start.
The Australian Marriage Plebiscite – “Whatever means the activists use, we must always stand for what is right, and always defend the greatest social institution ever known to man.”
Maintaining Your Focus On The Front Line As Your Company Grows – “These four practices can help you stay in touch with, and focus on, the front line.”
One Reason We Don’t See Miracles In The West – “How good it is to have a theology in which there is no tension between using the best medicine possible and looking directly to the Lord for answer to prayer.”
Being Relational With Students In An Over-Connected World – “We were made for relationship and interaction. Technology can be used to aid this, but the key is to remember it was never meant to replace it.”
7 Strategies To Get More Volunteers for Youth Ministry – yes this is a youth ministry blog, however it is translatable to other contexts.
Grace Liberates Your Relationships – An article with a series of short clips from Paul Trip

26/8 The Weekly Best

The Two Things Killing Your Ability To Focus – Come on we all feel the drift towards distraction and unproductive work days.
Reasons churches struggle to empower younger leaders – a tension that leaders must deal with if the church today exists tomorrow.
9 Truths about parenting from John Piper – “In a recent Ask Pastor John podcast… Piper ended the episode with 9 truths for parents to remember and follow.”
4 Ways To Build A Loyal Team – “Everybody wants to be liked and to have a loyal staff, but if you apply these principles, you’ll not only have a better staff, you will also become a better leader in the process.”
Ecclesiastes: The Bible Project (6mins) – I’ve recently been praying through the book of Ecclesiastes and this was a helpful video to capture its essence.

Help! I’m discontent. How did I get here?

Oh how draining is that feeling of emptiness, that discontentment. How painful is it to walk through your day not fully present because your distracted by a deep sense of meaninglessness. The daily grind is… grinding. The conversations are the same. Even the same thought patterns and same issues rear their head over and over. You find yourself left with the question, how did I get here? How have I got so down? How come I can’t think straight? How come it feels like I’m crippled?
Here are just a couple of observations that I have seen throughout some years in ministry.

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19/8 The Weekly Best

Should Your Church Build A Bigger Building? – A balanced article that I would have to agree with a lot of the sentiments.
22 Problems With Multi-site churches – Some interesting perspectives on multi site churches.
5 Prayers For Your Teens – Pray often for your young people!
Is Pokemon Go demonic? – A well rationed article that gets to the real issues of the game, whilst not demonising it.
John MacArthur’s 9 Tips on Self-Discipline – “Practically speaking, how can a person develop self-discipline in his or her life?”
The Wonder of Work – “Our lives here are not only spent building sandcastles that will fade with the passing of time. We have the opportunity to build for all eternity, if we build on the right foundation and with the right materials.”
Bored Out Of Your Mind – Matt Chandler (2.5mins) – The traps we face in this generation…
HOW IT’S MADE: Christian Music (3mins) – Couldn’t help but laugh!
Should Children Sit Through “Big Church”? (11.40mins) – A really challenging perspective from John Piper on Children’s ministry.

5 Reasons Why Honesty Really Is The Best Policy

At the time of writing this I’ve been reminded of the importance of honesty and transparency. I know that we all know this to some degree. When Christian leader after christian leader, family member after family member, public figure after public figure get found out for the discrepancies of their private life, this truth is even more convincing. What is this truth?
Your private life will inevitably and ultimately be displayed in and through your public life.

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12/8 The Weekly Best

Will Evangelicals Stop Using Video Games as A Scapegoat For Their Inability To Disciple Millenials? – “Is it sad when a Millennial man finds his life’s purpose in video games? Sure. But let’s stop pretending that’s more pathetic than a 50-year-old man who finds life’s purpose in his work.”
10 Things Pastors Would Love To Hear From Their Church Members – From my experience these some it up for me.
Emotions Are language – “Figuring out the message in someone’s emotions may take time and commitment, but it is a great work of love and leads us in that process of knowing and being known, which is a key feature of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
If pedophilia is a sexual orientation, now what? – Our societies understanding of life isn’t just fraying at the edges, it is completely warped. The christian understanding of the world, lives purpose and human identity is becoming increasingly offensive.
Roger Scruton – The Tyranny of Pop Music (9mins) – He gives a history on music and some modern problems. Then  Scruton offers some solutions on how modern generations can truly enjoy music.

8 Ways of Utilising Technology For Spiritual Growth

For the last 6 years I have been consuming content in numerous ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. With a click of a button we have the ability to transform our immediate surroundings into virtual classrooms. In fact the majority of my learning has been done standing up or ‘in transit’. The goal for this website is to provide a range of tools that will enable people access to world class, high quality content that will, by the grace of God, increase effectiveness.
Here are some ways that I have utilised technology in the pursuit of spiritual growth:

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