28/10 The Weekly Best

10 Poisons That I’ll Kill Any Church –  “I read recently that thousands of churches close their doors every year. Who knows how many others are on life support? We live in a time when churches need revitalization and renewal.”
What I Wish I Had Understood About Sexting – Those pictures never go away.
Become A Better Preacher – “What separates ordinary preachers from extraordinary communicators is a relentless desire to improve.
3 Kinds of Selfies You Should Never Take – “Here are 3 Selfie Scenarios that might look awesome on Facebook, but are dis-empowering, dignity-stripping or dangerous for local people.”
12 Leadership Principles Of Jesus – This article articulates some very important principles for us to follow.
How To Lead 48,000 People To Jesus – “Under the leadership of Rick Warren, Saddleback Church has baptized 48,700 people. Equally impressive: 78 percent of the church came to Christ at Saddleback.”
20 College Majors That Lead To The Most Satisfying Careers – Any guesses where ministry ranks??
5 Reasons Why Today’s Students Are Different Than Those Before – It is always good to read the Fuller Youth Institute discoveries.