28/10 The Weekly Best

10 Poisons That I’ll Kill Any Church –  “I read recently that thousands of churches close their doors every year. Who knows how many others are on life support? We live in a time when churches need revitalization and renewal.”
What I Wish I Had Understood About Sexting – Those pictures never go away.
Become A Better Preacher – “What separates ordinary preachers from extraordinary communicators is a relentless desire to improve.
3 Kinds of Selfies You Should Never Take – “Here are 3 Selfie Scenarios that might look awesome on Facebook, but are dis-empowering, dignity-stripping or dangerous for local people.”
12 Leadership Principles Of Jesus – This article articulates some very important principles for us to follow.
How To Lead 48,000 People To Jesus – “Under the leadership of Rick Warren, Saddleback Church has baptized 48,700 people. Equally impressive: 78 percent of the church came to Christ at Saddleback.”
20 College Majors That Lead To The Most Satisfying Careers – Any guesses where ministry ranks??
5 Reasons Why Today’s Students Are Different Than Those Before – It is always good to read the Fuller Youth Institute discoveries.

17/6 The Weekly Best

With some pretty massive things happening this week, here is a short list of articles to check out. I particularly thought the evangelism article was spot on.
Meditation on Orlando shooting – “…one way we obey Jesus’ command to love enemies, even murderous ones—whether they target us or those with whom we sympathise.
Why The Church Bulletin is the Worst Way to Recruit Youth Ministry Volunteers – This is a good reminder that we need to work hard to get volunteers and this isn’t just a youth ministry thing but church wide.
The Problem with the Facebook Algorithms –  “Read news from your desired slant over and over again and you create a self-righteous loop: You are right. They are crazy. You are right. They are crazy.”
Every day Evangelists – the task of evangelism isn’t just for paid “professionals”.
Preach the Bible, Not Your Dog (2.57min) -This is a good reminder for preachers, not to just perform for an audience but to work faithfully for God.