27/5 The Weekly Best

Can We Do Short Term Missions Well – this is a short article that I found draws a good distinction between justice and charity.
Women teaching men- how far is to far? – A great article outlining the issues and providing clarity on the Christian position of complementarianism.
A Rare Commodity: Integrity – “In fact, the way we live is often a more powerful testimony than what we say. Our lives need to back up the truth we claim to believe, or we’re actively undermining the progress of the gospel in the lives of those around us.”
15 Discernment Diagnostics – Helpful questions to assess whether you are hearing genuine Christian teaching.
From Agender to Ze: A Glossary for the Gender Identity Revolution – If you haven’t got much of an idea about that is happening with the LGBTAIPQK community, here is a helpful start.
Frustrated Churchgoer To Stop Tipping Unless Service Improves – Comical look into the scary mentality of a lot of church goers.

Submission is a  Mark of Maturity – Something that Australian culture refuses to believe. “This is true no matter who you are or who you are called to submit to: Maturity matters.”

Yes God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle – The reality is that we will constantly be put into situations where it will require God’s strength to get through. This develops faith as we are forced to rely on something greater than ourselves.
Why are Protestant and Catholic Bibles Different? – A question I always wanted to know growing up.

The Struggles Of Pride, And The Things To Combat It – “The thing about pride detours people, kills a team vibe, limits others growth and limits your ministry growth.”