14/10 The Weekly Best

You Don’t Need More Parenting Advice – 14 key principles for parenting.
10 Disciplines of A Godly Man – “Matt Chandler once said, “We’ve got a lot of boys with beards these days,” and I believe these words speak powerful truth.”

4 Reasons Spurgeon Died Poor – “Charles Spurgeon could have been one of the richest millionaires in London.”

Positive Purity – God’s command to purity is primarily positive not negative.
How To Help Your Children Fall Deeper In Love With God–  “I believe that there are three things that can bring discipleship back into the home and make it a reality once again.”
Why I’m A ‘Killer Clown” – The clown community is in uproar!
Did you use Growth Strategies? – this is GOOD STUFF!! John Piper has so much wisdom!

“Without Jesus”: Shane & Shane (3mins) – Without Jesus you have nothing, you can do good things but what have you gained at the end of the day.