15/7 The Weekly Best

6 Christian Amusement Parks and Crazy Attractions – Well some would say these are a bit over the top! haha
State of the American church (3 part series) – Stetzer: “The numbers of people who are committed Christians—those who are practicing a vibrant faith—are not dying off. That’s a myth that no real researcher believes.”
Perry Noble is No Longer The Senior Pastor of NewSpring – It is a sad day when another prominent member of the christian community disqualifies themselves from ministry.
Churches and Pokemon Go – 8 ways to churches can capitalise on Pokemon Go.
Beyond The Worship Set – Merker gives some good insight into our entertainment driven “worship” culture and some practical handles on what to do to counter it.
7 Craziest Pokemon Go Stories so far (4mins) – the game that is taking the world by storm.