6 Ways To Prepare Sermons Like Charles Spurgeon – “His sermons had broad appeal. He spoke in the language of the working-class and packed his sermons with colorful imagery, sharp wit, and illustrations taken from ordinary life.”
Evangelism Without An Alter Call – Menikof provides an interesting perspective on alter calls, and some good points why he doesn’t do them in his church.
6 Reasons We Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Word Variations In Our Modern Translations – “I want to suggest that the variations in wording in our standard modern translations should not concern us greatly.” – Guthrie
Driscoll and his legal battles – Driscoll’s ministry at Mars Hill was deeply impacting for me and it’s said to see the fall out.
Jokes About The New Apple ‘Airpods’ – I didn’t see this coming… Haha
5 Distinctives On Biblical Leadership – “The business sector in particular is celebrated as the ultimate source of truth about leadership—as opposed to God’s Word.”
You Can’t Claim A Promise – ” To claim something is to take ownership, to say “it’s mine.” When we lay claim to property we gain certain rights and privileges. Litigants are awarded claims or denied them, claims of monetary value.  Promises don’t work like that.”
Episode 62: Dumping, Delegating, or Developing – New Churches Q&A Podcast (16mins) – Some timely truth here.